Ways to Winterize Your Homestead

By Staff
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As the blustery north winds begin to pick up, make sure you and your homestead are prepared. With some help from this collection of articles, you can winterize your home and make sure all your bases are covered (just not with snow).

Wood stove safety is a must if you are planning to heat with wood. Our articles on wood stove maintenance will keep you safely burning the midnight fires. Even if you won’t be burning wood, you can make sure you’re saving on heating bills. The furnace, insulation, weather stripping and plumbing are all things to check before packing it in for the season. Other quick ideas for saving energy will keep you toasty when the blizzards roll in.

Don’t want frozen veggies in the garden? Check out our articles on winterizing your plants as well as planting cover crops and maintaining a winter garden. There’s also an article on getting your tools winter ready, along with winterizing your tractor and lawn mower so you and your engine aren’t stalling out come springtime.

When the days are short and you’re cooped up inside, make sure your sanity stays intact and read “Get Ready for a Great Year Outdoors.” Here, you’ll find ideas on how not to go stir-crazy and how to keep away the cabin-fever blues. Winter isn’t just for catching up on all your reading: It’s also a great time to get out and discover the wonders of winter in your area.


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