Wildfire Lessons From Colorado – Part 3

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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Subsequent to my prior two topics on the Colorado wildfires and wildfire mitigation I received additional material from Cassandra Aleolea on behalf of the US Forest Service and the Ad Council.  Since the wildfires and for the benefit of those rebuilding or those building in fire sensitive areas here are some of the tips that Cassandra shared with me.  She provided a beneficial web site that contains good material on being proactive in wildfire protection: www.multivu.com/mnr/56317-forest-service-fire-adapted-communities-urges-preparation-for-wildfire

The worthwhile tips are as follows.  1. Build an emergency kit and develop a family communications plan. 2.  Create a buffer zone of 30-100 feet of fire resistant plants, shrubs and accessories to prevent fire from spreading to structures.  3. Use fire retardant or non-combustible material on the roof and exterior of the structure.  Or treat with a fire retardant chemical that has been evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory.  4. Clean your roof and gutters regularly.  5.  Inspect chimneys at least twice a year and equip stovepipes with a spark arrester that meets the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 211.  

These are all worth while tips and good information sources for anyone concerned with wildfire protection.  Thanks to Cassandra for providing this information for distribution.  

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