Wild Strawberries – A Treat To Remember

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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Strawberries!!!  I love strawberries in any form but a real bonus of living on a seldom traveled dirt road is in the spring time when they grow wild along the edge of the road.  In the photo it shows how prolific they are and all they are waiting for is a good rain storm and those blooms will develop into small wild strawberries about the size of a large pea. 

If you have never had a wild strawberry let me try to explain what they are like.  That small berry is so packed with flavor that it will amaze you with how much it will get your salivary glands going.  When  they finally are ready you have to be fast because every animal from bears down to critters will be after them.  They bloom in profusion.  When we stop to pick a few even our dogs know how delicious they are and will graze on them along side of us.  From all the blooms I am seeing this year, it appears to be a banner year for wild strawberries. 

There is no comparison between wild strawberries and domestic produced ones.  We often  put up with a little road grit to eat them on the spot.  It doesn’t take many to completely flavor a breakfast bowl of corn flakes.  Yum, won’t be long now.