What is a Boom Pole and Why Should I Buy One

Reader Contribution by Jerry Ward

When I got my first tractor it came with a boom pole. While I didn’t know much about the wonderfully useful attachment at the time, it has become one of the attachments I would not go without. This is one of those simple items that the more you use it, the uses you find for it. A boom pole is simply a steel pole that is attached to your Three point Hitch (TPH) and functions as a small crane. While it cannot lift real high or a lot of weight compared to a crane, it can sure lift a lot more than you can. A boom pole is also very affordable, in the $120 range new and less than half that if you can find a used one. I find a 25′ piece of chain with a grab hook on one end and a slip hook on the other all I need to hook up almost anything. Several times I have used my boom pole to load or unload attachments from a trailer or pickup truck. In this photo we moved a bunch of old farm equipment out of the weed where some of it had sat for years. It took considerable less time they trying to actually hook each piece up the the tractor the was it was designed to be attached. The combination of upward pressure and moving backward and then forward would break it loose out of the ground and then we would just drive to the new location and unhook the chain. The other use that I have found invaluable is to work on my 5′ brush mower. I use the boom pole to flip the mower up on it’s side and against a tree so I can work on the blade assembly.  Granted if you have a loader on the front of your tractor you will find a boom pole less usefull, but those of us that don’t find them very useful.

Photo by Jerry Ward