Using Professionals -VS- Doing It Yourself

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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 Sometimes it is wiser to have something done for you than attempt to do it yourself.  I put wood stoves in that category.  Even though I work out with weights, cut, split and haul 11 cords of firewood a season and I consider myself pretty fit for my almost 70 years of age, it is my personal belief that some things should be left to professionals. 

    Hauling a 300 pound wood stove up a flight of steps and muscling it around corners and into position is not one of my goals in life.  We bought the wood stove from a dealer about 100 miles from us and the installer picked the stove up from that dealer, drove it to our home and unloaded it and brought it up those stairs previously mentioned then put it precisely into the proper position.  I’m speaking of Kevin and Darrin who as professionals install and service wood stoves. They also were gracious enough to haul the old stove out and help me put it under the house.  In addition to this service I was afforded  information about the functional aspect of my new stove that was not provided by the dealer or owners manual.

    I also noted that they had the proper equipment to handle the awkward stove safely and efficiently.  I do believe I covet their very modern and efficient hand truck. While they were here they also inspected my chimney, went up and cleaned the wind cap, and thoroughly explained the aspects of the stove to me that I may not have found in the written directions.  They also laughed at my humorously lacking jokes, and had the job done in half the time I could have done it.  They were courteous by not laughing at my chimney cleaning episode (see Downsizing – The Sequel) although I might have seen a well-hidden and brief smirk. Under the circumstances I would have  had a good belly laugh but  Darrin and Kevin were strictly professional in every way.  They did let me know in a very subtle way that they cleaned chimneys and stoves.  I suspect I will use them in the future for that very task.  

    All in all, I would have to say I was very impressed, and the price was very reasonable for what they did and the time expired.  In retrospect I am convinced that had I attempted to install the job myself, I would have ended up with one or more accidents in the process.  Having just gone through hernia surgery last year I can say with absolute clarity that attempting the job myself would probably end up being much more expensive than last years’ surgery and by letting the professionals do the job it was done without incident or accident.  I also know that the stove is installed correctly and it will be safe. So my advice is to have something as important as a wood stove professionally installed so you have peace of mind over it being done right and safely.