Purina “Feed Greatness Challenge” 30-Day Update

By Staff
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November 2018 – Sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition

By: Charlotte Brunin

We are 30 Days into our experiment with the Feed Greatness Challenge. We have noticed a slight increase in our white egg production. I believe this means that the slacker is starting to catch up. Although I don’t know what crosses have happened in these ladies’ genetics, I am willing to guess that the light colored Blanche is my slacker.

One of the other girls seems to be laying “double yolkers” at a rate of 1 per week. This could point to a genetic disposition to release extra yolks before the shell develops, then encapsulating them both, OR it could hint that my Golden Girls are either very young or in fact in their golden years.

In addition to these findings, we have noticed 3 new things that may be correlated to the new food!

  1. There has been a slight uptick in egg production! What this means for Aurora is more revenue and cookies from our neighbors in trade for eggs.
  2. The eggshells are stronger! The neighbor bringing us cookies for eggs commented on how hard they were to crack open. “Yeah, because they’re more nutritious!” Our little entrepreneur explained.
  3. The Golden Girls are not looking nearly as scraggly as they were when we first got them. This is definitely because of the care we have given them, but I believe that their diet can also be attributed to their wellness.

Follow along with your own chickens. All you need are a few laying hens! Sign up for the challenge and you’ll receive a digital feed coupon and downloadable material to help you through the 90 days of the Feed Greatness® Challenge. In addition, Team Purina will be available during your journey via email, telephone or social media to assist you with any inquiries. We’ll be sharing our journey through the Mother Earth News Facebook and Instagram. Chicken keeping will be more fun when you share your experience with Purina’s chicken community!


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