Top Three Equipment Choices to Conquer Your Springtime Farm and Ranch Tasks

| 4/1/2011 1:42:08 PM

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tarter barnTop Three Equipment Choices to Conquer Your Springtime Farm and Ranch Tasks 

Top US Farm and Ranch Equipment Manufacturer Helps You Spring into Spring  

March 31, 2011 Dunnville, KY:   Springtime brings more than just new calves and green grass to the farm and ranch – it also brings a whole new set of chores. Whether you need to disc up that field or till your garden, there’s a time-saving, labor-saving tool to fit the job.    

Todd Harne of Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment oversees Tarter’s Steel Production Facility and understands how to get ready for spring.  In addition to working at Tarter, he also lives on a 150-acre farm where he grows hay for the horse industry and runs 34 head of cattle for his cow-calf operation.   Take it from Todd, here are the top three “must-have” pieces of equipment you need to help tackle all of your farm and ranch spring tasks:

 1.  Rotary Tiller 

First and foremost, the handiest piece of equipment for spring is the rotary tiller.  A 6-foot rotary tiller is the best thing to help you prepare your garden, smooth out ruts and rough patches around your barn and even till an acre of land in the nearby woods for a deer food plot.  Make sure you have a high quality rotary tiller.  The tines pulverize the dirt and break up all the clods.  The right tiller should allow you to work the land without any trouble even in the hard ground with lots of clay and big rocks.

 2.  Rotary Cutter 

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