The Bees Are Coming

Reader Contribution by Angela Pomponio
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Lists, calendars and well laid plans give me security and serenity.  Often I have to tell myself to just go do the thing rather than use that time to shuffle the task to another list day.  I can be spontaneous, can take a curveball in stride; not in spite of my planning tendencies but because of them. If I have a well planned schedule I get my have to’s done, which means the want tos and the just happeneds can just happen.

Today was to be housework, recover from horrible respiratory virus, and work in Lewiston this afternoon. Looks like it will be a do house cleaning around the bee hive you are painting on the kitchen counter kind of morning!

My first bees weren’t supposed to arrive until mid May, then an email informed me they would be here Monday.  This weekend I would paint and set up the super, prepare mentally and physically for the arrival. Looks like they shipped today. I must get ready for imminent beekeeping!

My replacement 11 turkeys are due today or tomorrow as well. It is supposed to rain all weekend, so we won’t be able to get the tractor out and dig post holes for the 1/2-acre garden/orchard/chicken yard.

What does this mean? It means I will go to see facial clients this afternoon with leftover leaf green pain (remnants from my 4-year-old’s room) under my nails, we will have 11 turkeys living in the hallway of the house for awhile, and our weekend may very well be abuzz with unexpected projects. It means that I am cultivating gratitude for the unexpected.  What good is a road map if the road never curves? I am thankful I have accomplished so many projects and finished off so very many little tasks, freeing me for these big and fun ones.