Thanksgiving: Celebrating Spring

Reader Contribution by Angela Pomponio
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Our Easter turned naturally to thanksgiving with the remarkable simplicity of dragging our newly built chicken casa to its permanent orchard home, sparkling spring weather, warmth of great friendship, four year old wonder and joy, and the amazing volume of projects accomplished on a beautiful weekend.

Our 6 pound locally-grown pastured ham, glazed with a cider mustard honey elixir paired beautifully with my spinach sweet potato gratin and sriracha deviled eggs to restore the planters of raspberries and 4 fruit trees. Laughter and contented familiarity made the clink of old silver on my grandma’s china musical.  The success of our chicks’ first day in the poultry yard, scratching and chickening about, was something to celebrate.

Despite the unexplainable loss of 11 of our 15 baby turkeys, the day was made for reflection and joy.  Murray McMurray Hatchery is kindly replacing the broad breasted bronze turkeys that we deduced must have had a hard journey.  I have read and reread the Storey’s Poultry raising guide.  Our comfortable and temperate indoor accommodations aren’t lacking, but the babies are dropping like flies without any precursory signs or symptoms of distress.

Our 4 year old was overjoyed with the big boy two wheeler bike that grew from the magic jelly bean seeds we planted on Easter Eve.  Our rescued domestic rabbit, Fish, left the beans with a note explaining their magic. Nothing can prepare a mom for the flush of warmth at the successful growth of your child or the light in his eye at a true miracle.  

Our first Easter at Pomponio Homestead was verdant, magical, happy and fruitful.  I am so incredibly thankful for the gifts we have been given, and the good use we are putting them to.  How could I not be?  The smell of ham, golden sunrise on the pond, soft spring chirping all around and deliciously sore muscles are tangible sensory experiences as testament to the wonder and goodness of this life.

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