Swamp Bridge Stump Dirt

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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We got the swamp bridge back in place and collected more amazing stump dirt which went directly to starting this year’s onion crop.

One of our latest experiments involve remineralization in an attempt to correct imbalances in the soil that develop from rainfall and leaching.

Will homemade willow rooting hormone tea help our new fig cuttings begin sending out roots sooner than the control cuttings that are just soaked in water? Tune in to the WaldenEffect.org blog for upcoming results of that experiment and many other homesteading projects.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton have been homesteading for years and enjoy sharing stories on their WaldenEffect.org blog. They keep it all going by building and selling a new kind of chicken waterer that makes keeping chickens a lot easier by streamlining the poultry drinking water situation.

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