Storing Food: It's Time to Stock Up

If you want to be prepared for major life disruptions, whether man-made or natural, storing food is a necessity.

| November/December 1974

Storing food and a year's supply of clothing and household items—built up over a period of time—can help you and your family survive almost any major problem that might come your way. To do the job right, however, takes some long-range planning and the first consideration must be food. Which raises the questions of "What?" and "How much?"

A Basic Food Ration

What constitutes "a year's supply of food" depends on the sexes, ages, and needs of the members of your family. The following might be a very basic ration for an average woman:

Wheat                       360 lbs
Milk (dried, not instant) 100
Sugar (honey preferred) 100
Salt 5

The above items alone should provide the adult female's recommended daily requirement of 2,300 calories. Since most men need more and children less, you can store the same amounts for each family member and the total will just about average out.

Besides the four essentials, the following extras might be stored:

Shortening           15 lbs
Dry yeast            1/2 lb
Multiple vitamins   365 capsules

Dried peas, beans (assorted), potatoes, and soups would also be good additions to the basic ration, as would Jell-O, which keeps indefinitely.

By the way, if you expand your reserve beyond the bare necessities, choose only foods your family will eat! An emergency is a poor time to introduce unfamiliar items into a person's diet. The psychological shock of the new situation or problem will cause people to reject unusual food to the extent that they will go hungry rather than eat it. Quite often, it's this "cultural shock" that disables and kills in times of crisis.

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