Start The Day Right With A Good Breakfast

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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There is crispness in the air, the aspen leaves are turning yellow,  the elk are bugling, the sun is just coming up so the time was right to cook our cowboy breakfast on the wood stove outside. Potatoes sliced just right along with special seasoning that comes from Syracuse, N.Y., eggs over easy with just a touch of dill, and a nice thick piece of fried Spam. Coffee and juice add to the complete outdoor experience. To add a pastoral component there was a doe deer and her two small fawns feeding out back.  

We have not had much of an opportunity to cook breakfast outside this summer since it was so dry from the drought. It was unsafe even though the wood stove is pretty much air tight and the wind cap has an over kill spark arrestor on it. We had the fire ban lifted a few weeks ago but it was still far to dry in my opinion to cook outside. With the recent rain we have received the past few days the ground and trees are wet enough where I felt safe to cook breakfast outside.  

So this morning seemed like just the right day to cook breakfast outside. Something about eating outside brings out all the flavor in food and it just seems to taste better cooked over a wood fire in the fresh air. So with a very slight breeze, the deer in the back yard, the elk bugling; today was the day to have that long-awaited breakfast. We were not disappointed and the fresh air and good food makes a good start to any day.