The Chicken and Egg Page: Sparkling Earth Farm

By Staff

Sparkling Earth Farm 2007 Egg Testing Questionnaire

Owner(s): Patryk Battle
Address: 176 Daybreak Cove; Burnsville, NC  28714
Phone: (828) 675-5920
Website: N/A

 1. What chicken breed(s) do you raise?

 Brown Bovan (a brown Sexlink cross)

2. Why did you choose those breed(s), and are you satisfied with their performance?

3. Which breed’s eggs did you send in to be tested?

4. How many laying hens do you have?

5. In what year of laying are the hens?

6. Approximately how many eggs do they lay per hen, per month? Please include seasonal variations.

7. What, if any, measures do you take to extend the egg production season?

8. What kind(s) of supplemental feed do you use? Please be as specific as possible, including the brand name or farm where you get your feed.

9. If you have kept confined hens, can you estimate how much less feed hens raised on pasture consume?

10. Tell us about the living and ranging conditions of your hens. For example, what kind of pens do you have? Did you build them yourself? Do you use moveable pens? If so, how often do you move the birds to fresh pasture?  What is the approximate size of the area on which your chickens are free to range and forage on a given day? Are there any specific plants in the pasture that you know your birds eat?

11. How would you characterize the area in which you live–urban, suburban or rural? Are there any local regulations you had to meet to be able to raise chickens?

12. Have you had problems with predators, and how have you solved them?

13. Do you sell your eggs? If so, where and for how much?

14. Can you estimate how much you earn per year, per bird?

15. What do you think are the main reasons customers choose your eggs? (flavor, nutrition, more humane conditions, etc.)

16. Do you have any notable comments from customers that you can share with us? Are there any customers whose contact information you can give us so we can talk directly with them about why they choose your eggs?

17. Many of you have expressed dismay at our using the term “free-range eggs,” because of the way that language has been tarnished by certain producers whose birds really have no access to fresh pasture. Are you aware of any of these “industrial free-range” farms in your area? If so, please provide us with as much information about the producer as possible.

18. Feel free to share any additional comments with us.


1. On what date were your egg samples shipped to the lab?

2. Please confirm that we have recorded your test results accurately. If your report shows different values, please indicate that by making a note on the correct line below.



Vitamin E:

Folic acid:


Beta carotene:


Total vitamin A: