Oh, Gingersnap: A Sorghum Cookie Recipe

| 11/21/2012 10:38:29 PM

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What feels like a beautiful, crisp fall day more than a gingersnap?  

Fall is here and it is getting to be gingersnap and oatmeal bread kinda weather! The smells coming from the warm oven fill the house with an aroma that sooths our hearts during this season of non-stop holiday action.

Since I was pregnant with my first son, now fifteen years ago, I have known ginger to be a tummy-settler. If a stomach is anxious, or nauseous, try a gingersnap. I use sorghum in place of molasses to make my gingersnaps, which adds extra nutrients to this yummy cookie. Another benefit of this recipe is the use of oil instead of a hydrogenated fat, any oil of your preference may be used.


3/4 cup oil 
1 cup sugar 
1/2 cup sorghum (or molasses) 
1 egg 
2 cups flour 
2 tsp baking soda 
1/4 salt 
1 tsp cinnamon 
2 tsp gingerbread 
1/2 tsp cloves 

Valarie Gaylord
2/24/2013 3:47:20 PM

What a beautiful sunset! Nice that your mother appreciates the beauty of nature around us. Was curious, is the 2 tsp gingerbread in the gingersnap cookie recipe a type o? Are you calling for ginger? I assumed so and tried this recipe. They turned out so well, it's hard to resist and eat just one! Thanks for sharing and this will def. go into my treasured recipe file. Valarie (Upstate NY)

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