Solar Panel Back Up Power for Under 1000 Dollars?

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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The goal is to provide some basic back up power with an affordable 45 watt solar panel kit from Harbor Freight. We’ve got the details on how the 5-in-1 power pack was a sad choice. There are a few different types of batteries for a simple solar system

We finally got around to having a proper swamp bridge built, and I compare how a 12 amp circular saw holds up to its 13 amp bigger brother.

What’s the best way to stake up garden plants? We’ve learned a few lesson on plant spacing and post material that might be worth checking out if you want to have better control over this year’s tomato crop.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton homestead together and blog about it everyday at They support this lifestyle by building and selling the best automatic chicken waterer that makes getting water to chickens a thing of joy to behold.

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