Bi-Monthly Almanac: Siphoning Gas, Ant Catcher, and other Household Projects

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Method of hanging a manual push mower with a coat hanger.
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Use this method of siphoning gas and you won't end up with a mouthful of petrol.
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Flypaper will do as well at catching ants as flies if you wrap it around the bottom of a table leg. 
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You don't have to throw away eggs with cracked egg shells. A few pieces of scotch tape will keep them fresh long enough for you to use. 
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A towel bar bolted to a door can serve as a door handle both children and adults can use.
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To make a campfire tripod, cut three sticks, insert the top ends in the mouth of an empty can, and set the bottom tips on in ground around the edges of your fire. Make sure the sticks are far enough from the fire that they don't catch themselves. If the can's lid is still attached, punch a hole in the "flap" and insert a wire hook to support your kettle.

Got some household projects to do? We’ve got a few suggestions to help you get them done. Then have a little fun viewing the historically significant events covered in our July/August Almanac.

Siphoning Gas Safely

If you’ve ever gotten a mouthful of gasoline while siphoning fuel from a car, you’ll be happy to learn this trick: Simply insert the hose into the tank and pinch it tightly at the “filler” end with the fingers of your left hand. Next, squeeze firmly right below that point with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, and press the air out slowly toward the “delivery” tip of the hose. Just before you reach the end, release the fingers of the left hand. Wait a second, then release the fingers of the right hand. The partial vacuum created will be enough to cause the gas to flow.

Catching Ants

If ants invade your kitchen, attach flypaper-sticky side out along the bottom of your cabinets (or around table legs) to form an impenetrable barrier. By the time you have to change your adhesive ant catcher, the social little critters will probably realize they’re not wanted and move on to happier hunting grounds.

Lawnmower Hanger

A coat hanger, as you know, can serve many purposes besides holding garments. Here’s another use: Just hang a “clothes supporter” at a proper height on a nail, and insert your lawnmower handle through it to keep the machine against the wall.

Fixing Cracked Egg Shells

Don’t cry over cracked eggs. You can prevent leakage and stop deterioration if you seal the hen fruit with Scotch tape. After such repairs, your patched breakfast eats will stay as fresh as their unbroken companions.

A Family Door Handle

Do you have a small child who can’t quite reach the knob to open a screen door? Just remove that old door handle and replace it with a vertically positioned towel rack (painted black or whatever color suits your decor), and you’ll have a sturdy door opener that’s convenient for youngsters and adults alike.

Campfire Tripod

The next time you’re off in the woods and need to hang a pot over the campfire, cut three stout sapling sticks, insert the ends in the mouth of an empty can, and set the opposite tips on the ground to make a triangular support. (Just be sure the stakes are long enough to permit a wide spread, so they don’t catch on fire.) If the can’s open lid is still securely attached to one side, you can then punch a hole in the “flap” and insert a wire hook to support your kettle.