How to Make Your Own Water Filters and Purifiers

Create your own water filters using iodine crystals, cloth and charcoal filters to rid suspect water of chemical and biological contaminants.

| September 2014

In Extreme Simplicity: A Guide to Urban Homesteading (Dover Publications, 2013), Christopher and Dolores Lynn Nyerges explain the most practical and inexpensive methods for creating personal water filters for protection from chemical and biological contaminants. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6, "Water."

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If you ever suspect your water of being contaminated, boiling is the easiest and cheapest way to purify water. Any hobo can pick up an old can and use it to boil water. According to U.S. Forest Service hydrologist Mike McCorison, who is familiar with the water situation in the California forests, boiling kills every living organism that can make us sick. Of course, boiling does not deal with chemical contaminants, merely biological contaminants. Distillation is the only method of purification that purifies water from chemical as well as biological contamination.

Distillation and Purification

Distillation is the best way to purify water, because only pure water distills out. However, distillation setups are generally not portable, nor cheap.

If you already have a kitchen distillation unit, that's good! These devices are sold at appliance stores and are most often used for distilling tap water. However, because most of these run with electricity, a high-tech distiller may be of no use when you need it most urgently. We have seen some low-tech distillers that need only a flame to operate and some that actually work with concentrated light from the sun. We haven't used one of these ourselves, but they are worth investigating.

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After boiling the water bacterias are removed but hardness of water is still present . Water filtration is the best process to remove the bacterias as well as it maintain the softness of water. Water purifiers ensure safe and pure drinking water. but did you know that every water purifiers is backed by a purification technology which needs to be compatible with the water you get? To determine the right purification tech., you need to get your water testing first. is the technology is which will recommend the right water purification technology basis your water type and zip code. after testing.

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