Make Seed Pots From Recycled Newspapers

| 5/3/2013 2:31:00 PM

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newspaper seed potsWhen I saw several empty plastic seedling trays chucked atop the local grocery store trashcan last year, I just had to inquire inside, “Do you throw those away?”

To my astonishment, the store manager told me yes, they do toss the trays in the garbage, and I was welcome to as many as I wanted.

After I quit being appalled by how many billions of those trays are manufactured annually to be used only once and then trucked to a landfill, a light bulb went on in my frugal mind. I could use those trays spring after glorious spring for my seedlings – and I wouldn’t even need to scrounge up any peat or plastic pots.

Instead, in yet another super-efficient use of newspaper in the garden, I make transplant pots that can be planted right along with the seedlings. The pots take only a few seconds each to make, are basically free and disrupt the delicate seedling roots almost naught.

First, gather your supplies: newspaper, potting soil (I use a mixture of my compost and garden dirt), trays, seeds, skinny trowel or spoon, and a sturdy form to wrap the newspaper around. Here, our wooden domino box fits perfectly in the trays with square holes and a hard plastic fish oil bottle fits the round holes.

Do not use glossy, colorful magazine paper for your pots. They would look artsy, but that paper takes much longer to decompose and likely contains dyes and whatnot that are not good for the worms, soil or your plants.

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