Reports from the Field

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Each day I spend time in the depths our website, searching for answers to readers’ questions. In the process of searching, I inevitably bump into one of the many articles written by readers on their homesteading experiences.

For 38 years Mother has been publishing stories of folk’ successes, failures and adventures as they pursue a sustainable life, whether urban, rural or somewhere in between. In the early issues of the magazine, these articles were titled “Report from Them That’s Doin.'” The more recent versions are known as “Firsthand Reports.”

If you have a bit of extra time this holiday weekend, you might want to set a spell in front of your computer, click on the links above and stroll down the lane with youngsters and oldsters who have set their sights on living self sufficiently. From Alaska to the Caribbean and Hawaii to the Mediterranean, they have lived in tipis, log cabins, converted buses and on sailboats, all the while carving their individual niche into the fabric of the landscape around them.

You will be inspired and transformed by their dedication, ingenuity and fortitude as they strive to create home and homestead from sometimes rugged circumstances. If you have found a way to carve your own sustainable niche, share your story in the comments section, below.