Recycling Shredded Bills as Fireplace Kindling

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Let those old bills do double duty by using them to start your morning woodstove fire.

Learn how recycling shredded bills as fireplace kindling makes a fast fire and disposes of old bills all at once.

Recycling Shredded Bills as Fireplace Kindling

I have found a way to recycle that also has solved some other problems.

The problem started because we heat our house with wood, and starting the stove in the morning was a pain and sometimes took longer than I had time for. So I started using our shredded bills instead of newspaper. I only need a handful or two to catch the leftover coals, and the bills take up less room than stacks of newspapers. It also keeps the shredded paper out of the landfills.

— Susan Hugel
Swanzey, New Hampshire

P.S. For anyone with small critters in the house, shredded bills also make wonderful bedding.

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