Recycling Jars and Lids

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Reusing and recycling jars and lids from supermarket food.

Reusing and recycling jars helps save money on canning jars and lids, you can reuse
supermarket juice jars to can tomato or other juices. These
juice jar lids have a silicone liner that will reseal many
times. just be sure to check the juice before you use it to
be certain the recycled lid has stayed sealed. The center
of the lid should be slightly depressed and make a high,
tight sound when tapped.

Use lids that have metal tabs for screwing on. Some jars
have threads in the silicone layer lining the lid: These
quickly wear out and should not be reused.

This technique is probably not U.S. Department of
Agriculture approved, but I have been using these jars for
years, replacing worn lids as needed, with no problem