Mother’s Readers Rock

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Our national anthem says that we are the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” But some Amish folks in Pennsylvania are having a battle over their use of outhouses that threatens their religious FREEdom.

In the June/July 2008 issue of the magazine, we printed a letter from a brave reader, Denise Smith, regarding the plight of this group of 50 Amish families. In her letter, Denise asked for any help that readers might be able to offer. And as would be expected of Mother’s readers, the response was terrific. Here is a note of thanks from Denise:

“Mother Earth News, I want to thank you for publishing my letter regarding the Amish Outhouse battle here in Pennsylvania. I have received hundreds of e-mails from your readers sharing wonderful ideas and some just offering encouragement. We are still attempting to work out a solution so the Amish school can open in the fall. Thanks to your readers we are armed with much knowledge and have several ideas on how to solve this dilemma. I have been very busy assisting my husband on this endeavor; however, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your part in helping us help the Amish. You and your readers are great! With much appreciation, Denise Smith.”