Chickens Don’t Mind ‘Expired’ Food

Outdated carrots, apples or other produce? Put them to use as a fine feast for your chickens!

| April/May 2011

Chickens Expired Food

Chop over-the-hill produce into small pieces and your chickens will dig right in.


We are lucky enough to have a large garden, fruit trees and chickens. We also have a local grocery store that saves its outdated or bruised produce for us, and we feed it to our chickens.

We put the larger produce, such as carrots, beets and apples, through our chipper/shredder so they are in smaller pieces, and the chickens love them this way. What they don’t eat gets tilled into the garden.

In winter, I cook a hot meal of the carrots, potatoes and other veggies with some added grain. The chickens dig right in! All this preparation is a fair bit of work, but I think it’s important to do as much as I can to not waste food.

Joan DeLuca
Lillooet, British Columbia

denise moody
5/13/2012 4:30:08 AM

We feed food waste to our chickens too, including chicken and eggshells. They love it!

5/20/2011 9:22:19 AM

In South Georgia when you have a compost pile and are running it thru the summer heat the maggots just love to form in the manure and such and we let the chicken clean as we turn the pile before covering it up again. They look forward to the grubs and worms found there and never deplete the pile of wiggle worms. They are spoiled anyway because grass is a shortage and we pull and give to our 8 darlings each day....bread we get for 1.00 loaf and give as treats the the dogs, chickens. Dried or as is they like bread.

karen joyce
5/18/2011 12:14:54 PM

I feed left-overs to my chickens, too... egg shells, onions and all... just no chicken.. LOL! They actually expect a snack tray every day! Don't go out back without one!!

5/17/2011 7:49:14 PM

I totally agree.I feed all food scraps to something on the farm . The things not edible onion waste, coffee grounds and eggshells go into my composters.Waste not want not ! My animals are healthier and happier for it too !

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