Protecting Fig Trees from Cold and Best Wood Chopping Tool

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Our Chicago hardy fig lost its leaves last week after the first frost. We’ve been trying to find the best way to protect a fig tree for winter and our latest approach using leaves as an insulating barrier is looking like an effective solution.

Anna and I both drastically reduced the amounts of grain we eat to the occasional brownie and as a result we are feeling more energetic with an increase in focus and mental clarity. I mentioned this to a neighbor friend, but I don’t think it registered with much impact. He grows Hickory field corn and has it ground into corn meal at a local facility, that is if the raccoons don’t get to it before it dries out. The above diy corn bin was a simple way of solving the problem for very little money.

What’s the best tool to use for chopping wood? I’ve tried the Super Splitter, and it works a little better than an average axe, but the Chopper 1 is by far a superior chopping device in my opinion. It’s got little spring loaded fingers on each side that help to spread the log apart, which practically eliminates the tool getting stuck in a deep wedge that ends up taking more energy to free than the original chopping motion. If you like to chop wood then you will love the Chopper 1.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton make an awesome homesteading team and like to share the experience at their blog. That lifestyle is made possible by the new type of chicken waterer they build and sell that makes it impossible for yucky stuff to get into their water.