Electric Riding Mowers: Cut Your Grass, Without Gas!

Why deal with greasy gas guzzlers when electric riding mowers are available to mow your lawn quietly and without nasty odors?

| June/July 2010

electric riding mowers

Check out the growing crop of all-electric riding mowers, such as this one from WhisperMow.


Electric riding mowers have arrived! Finally, you can trade your petroleum-burning engines, hydraulic systems, belts, and pulleys for a sleek, silent, battery-powered machine.

WhisperMow’s all-electric, rear-steer lawn tractor comes equipped with a 48-volt sealed battery, and a 41.4-inch-wide, front mount cutting deck that will cut grass for 80 to 100 minutes. That means you can mow about 1.5 acres on a single charge. The commercial-quality tractor can also be fit with a snowblower, rotary sweeper, and more to make it a true multipurpose machine. WhisperMow has a single electric transmission and single-deck motor. At $5,000 ($5,500 for the higher-end XR model), it is competitively priced with comparable petroleum-burning models.

The Ariens AMP is a traditional style riding mower that looks like the classic rear-engine rider. The 48-volt, low-maintenance, lead-acid battery powered machine can operate for up to 75 minutes on a single charge. The AMP is powered by a single electric motor that’s connected to the drive wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. The electric motor delivers constant torque to the hydrostat, which in turn controls speed and direction. A pair of spindle motors spins the AMP’s mower blades — no more belts and pulleys to contend with. At $3,299, the AMP offers an attractive price, and its 34-inch cutting width is perfect for smaller yards.

The Hustler Turf Zeon has finally entered production! This all-electric zero-turn makes use of proven lead-acid battery technology in a 48-volt package that can mow more than an acre on a single charge — in 42-inch-wide swaths. This machine is so quiet that it gives the impression of inadequate power, but the Zeon’s welded deck is as heavy-duty as many of Hustler Turf’s other machines. This level of quality comes at a price: $6,999. It’s currently the only all-electric zero-turn, but another is expected soon from Eco-Mow.

For smaller yards, the 36-volt Recharge Mower Model G1-RM10 can reportedly operate for up to three hours on a single charge. The all-electric Recharge’s 27-inch diameter mowing deck should handle tight spaces with ease, and like the AMP and Zeon, it employs a pair of motors to drive the mower blades. At $2,295, this little electric rider is currently only available online.

David k_3
6/25/2010 6:00:33 AM

How about the ALL TERRAIN version. Goats and sheep. They mow,fertilize and till the soil in one pass. The only requirement is water and grass. Goats will even trim low hanging limbs.

6/24/2010 4:28:34 PM

Or you can do it the real "green" way like I do. Use a scythe. I use a European style scythe with a 28" grass blade. I can cut an acre a day and get a good aerobic workout in the process. The only maintenance you have to do is keep the blade sharp, and the only fuel you need is breakfast.

6/24/2010 11:21:03 AM

I dont think 5 grand is "comparitively priced" to a gas mower that would cost 1200 to 2000$ 5000 for a mower that can only mow 1.5 acres a day is highway robbery. I would love to have a electric mower, but it would need to mow at least 2.5 acres and cost less than 2 grand to be a option.

6/24/2010 10:10:01 AM

Even better than electric or gas powered mowers how about no mower or just the reel push mower. My husband and I currently have 2 1/2 acres with most of it in grass. This year we are working on getting rid of the grass except for a small enough portion to cut with the a reel push mower. We are planting the rest of the yard in a garden, wildflowers, trees and bushes indigenous to our area. We are raising many from seeds and also going to sales where a local group sells these plants. Our goal is to feed ourselves, wildlife, save water (indigenous plants need less watering once established), reducing our foot print! Next on the agenda - goats and chickens!

6/23/2010 7:25:03 PM

...and I forgot to mention coal, but then I also forgot to mention mining accidents and mountaintop removal. Fracking with the nearest water supply (drinking water? Not when a multinational needs it) to release Natural Gas and pollute groundwater... Shorten the debate to one word: PROFIT Energy companies make a great deal of profit by keeping us dependant upon energy supplied by them (Quick; when did you last buy necessity clothing. When did you last buy an oil product?). PROFIT is business as usual instead of progress towards energy independance. Energy independance with renewables is less military overseas and less expense to the American middle class (we subsidize Nuke plants - they boil water). Renewables are a catastrophic blow to the profits of such companies as Exxon and to the suprisingly large weapons manufacturer General Electric (who for the moment, still owns the "Liberal" NBC <- notice how NBC played along with Bush and the war agenda?) We need a government on OUR side to protect us from the new class of Robber Barons that were first dealt with by Teddy Roosevelt. Multinationals are much too powerful and they salivate over Libertarianism. Finally, look up Enhanced Geothermal.

6/23/2010 6:57:33 PM

I like electric mowers. Like the man said "Fewer moving parts, fewer maintenance costs". If I made the billions of dollars profit that oil companies make then I suppose I too would lack the conscience to get this country off oil dependancy - and speaking of "Con Science", do oil companies remind anyone else of Tobacco Companies? If you're old enough to remember Television in the early 1970's - you remember the doctors and scientists who claimed smoking was not considered harmful (Paid for by your friendly tobacco companies who remind you to enjoy smoking). Since we're talking mowers; Search "Fiskars Reel Mowers" for a high quality Green push mower that gets high marks from Farmshow.com. It can be purchased at Lowe's. Apparently it is very well designed. I am not affiliated with Fiskars nor Lowe's and I am merely a subscriber to Farmshow. Oh, and check out the electric cars on YouTube - like "White Zombie Electric Car" or the Tesla, etc.

6/23/2010 4:05:51 PM

Doug, please quote your sources. If there was indeed reserves available that would last 2041 years don't you think it wouldn't be kept secret. It's utter nonsense. There is one source which will be available for billions of years - it's called the sun.

Doug Smith
6/23/2010 3:36:38 PM

Alright all you hippie tree hugging freaks. Got some news for you. It does reduce CO2 consumption. Coal plants operate no matter what, so they will produce that CO2 regardless, and if you are using a gasser you are adding more CO2 so not using a gas mower does indeed reduce your CO2 production. Second, there has been a new discovery of oil in the rockies and the flats of the dakota's that promises to end our dependance on foreign oil for the next 2041 years, yes that is right two thousand and forty one years. I do not like this as it is still not sustainable it will eventually run out, and still will not address the issue of CO2 emissions. So gas mowers might just be around for a long time to come:-( It would mean no more drilling in the ocean!!!!!!

6/23/2010 3:30:59 PM

Why not just use a manually powered push mower? And if you are saying it would take too long to mow your grass, then you have too much grass. It takes me the same amount of time with a push mower than it would with a gas ( or electric) lawn mower. No fumes, no excessive noise, no oil, no gas. Keep it sharp and it cut beautifully with one pass.

Lee johnson_3
6/23/2010 12:39:54 PM

You put less CO-2 in the air no matter where the power comes from versus burning gasoline to run your mower. It can come from a coal plant and oil plant no matter what it is better than a gas mower. Do I need to say this again or in another way. Second an electric mower should eventually be less expensive than a gas mower. Few precision parts in an electric mower. These mowers are using lead acid batteries not expensive lithium. So what is the deal. Let the chinese start making them and you we see them on the market for a $1.95

Katey Culver
6/23/2010 9:41:54 AM

Be aware just because you pay extra for Green Power doesn't mean the electricity you use is Green. If your power comes from the grid there is no way for you to choose where your power comes from. If you live closer to the coal plant than the solar farm you are using coal derived electricity no matter how much the power company suckers out of you.

6/23/2010 8:46:25 AM

To say any of these models is "competitively priced with comparable petroleum-burning models" is not really true. There is a premium on the Electric models. But hopefully enough people will find it worth it for the environment to support these early models. The price will come down as volume increases.

healing green
6/22/2010 8:04:38 AM

If you use all green power, then of course it helps. Our home's electricity is 100% green energy: 50% wind derived, 25% hydro, and 25% landfill gas. We use a push reel mower and an older Neuton electric. A lot of my friends and family members also use green power, an option that many power companies provide for a minor fee (We pay about $5-8 extra a month for green power on top of our regular energy bill.) These people also happen to be the main sort of customers in the market for electric mowers...

t brandt
6/20/2010 8:42:45 AM

Because over half of American electricity is generated from coal, using an electric motor instead of gas power doesn't save any co2 production- if you think that's important (it isn't)- but it does help a little with the problem of oil depletion & noise pollution. Every little bit helps.

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