Try the Boaz Mini-Combine for Small-Scale Grain Processing

Small-scale grain growers will appreciate the Boaz Mini-Combine, a great homestead tool available through EQ Machinery.

| December 2014/January 2015

Boaz Mini Combine

Cutting and threshing grains with a combine is now in reach for homesteaders and small-scale farmers thanks to the two-wheel Boaz Mini-Combine.

Photo courtesy EQ Machinery

Tired of the ever-increasing prices of grain for your livestock? Or, do you long to grow your own organic grains for baking, and maybe for making flour to sell to your friends or a local bakery? Consider adding a Boaz mini-combine to your stock of homestead tools. This two-wheeled, 13-horsepower unit cuts, threshes and bags wheat, oats, rye, rice and more at a rate of about 1 acre per six hours.

The mini-combine costs $7,500, but you could bring down the cost per farm by joining up with several neighbors to buy one to share. Or, perhaps you could buy a unit and then rent it to other grain growers in your community. Read more about this small combine and watch videos of how it works.

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6/29/2016 3:01:01 PM

This unit might be kind of nice but that is a lot of money for something this slow! The very lame video linked from the even lamer site, shows a machine with some serious flaws. One is it appears to be only one speed, extremely slow. Two, and a more serious flaw, is the header reel and cutter bar run all the time it moves. This is a waste of energy and greatly adds to wear on the parts. Cutter bars do not last that long to begin with, and always having a header reel operating while the machine moves is extremely dangerous. At six hours per acre, with nothing to show it doing any work, the video just shows some fool driving in a circle, seems like a lot of money for a machine which does not appear to offer very much, other than a novelty tool for a gentlemen farmer. :(

6/29/2016 8:13:18 AM

Very interesting but a little pricey for someone with less than an acre under cultivation. I would like to hear from people who have one about its reliability and performance. Thanks.

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