Peace And Quiet

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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We often enjoy the absolute quiet sitting in our swing toward the middle  of our property.  This time of year is special because of the aspen trees turning yellow and red, along with the crisp air and smell of autumn.  Today we hooked up the hay wagon and grabbed a couple of adult beverages and headed down to the swing.  The top photo is of the aspen trees turning yellow and was taken from our deck.  The bottom photo is of Carol sitting in the swing soaking in the silence and faint rustle of the aspen leaves and enjoying the change of seasons. 

Often we  will set aside a few minutes to go to this area for a chance to soak in the quiet enjoy a cup of tea or slurp an adult beverage.  We have a small spring that runs just down from the swing and when it is running we can hear its soothing sound as it runs over the rocks.  That occurs mostly in the spring time but the natural spring seeps out of the ground all year long. 

Sometimes we will be sitting in the swing enjoying the silence and wild animals will walk up on us.  It is a place of incredible peace and quiet that we frequent as often as possible.  Soon we will need snow shoes to reach the swing, but we have been known to snow shoe down there in the winter as well. Sitting in the swing during a light snow storm is so quiet and peaceful it can be overwhelming.  I hope readers can feel the peace and quiet from the photos. 

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