Our Summer with a Community Garden Plot

| 12/21/2015 10:44:00 AM

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Two years ago to date, Jesse and I decided that we wanted to buy land in a rural area of the country to build a homestead 100% from scratch (we have since done that… follow our progress on our blog here!). We wanted to build our own home, grow a thriving garden, have a sustainable household, and be as self-sufficient as possible. However, when you’re living in a tiny apartment in a big city, a goal such as that seems incredibly far away, almost so far that you wonder if it’s out of reach.

Living in the middle of a city in an apartment with no yard, but a strong desire to practice homesteading skills.

In order to prepare for our homesteading adventure, we knew we would have to save a substantial amount of money to buy land, make the move and do basic property development to even be able to live on our land in an RV. We moved into the cheapest apartment we could tolerate to live in (it was downtown where things were frequently stolen from our porch and the roof leaked).

We were so excited about the possibility of homesteading in our future; so much so that we wanted to get started right away, even though we were in a tiny apartment that didn’t have a yard or even a porch that received any sun! Somehow, we discovered that our city offered community garden plots through Parks & Recreation, so we gave them a jingle to get the scoop.

community garden plots - parks and recreation

We didn’t have a yard but we did have access to a community garden plot through the city.

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