Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats Podcast

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The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) has created a new podcast to guide farmers through the process of raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats. NCAT Livestock Specialist Linda Coffey has paired with Tessa McCormick, who currently cares for and farms over 50 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, to give listeners advice on buying and raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Tessa and her husband, Scott, share their story of how they came to be dairy goat farmers. By sharing their own personal journey to becoming dairy goat farmers, they offer listeners advice on how to get their own farms started and how to make sure they are getting their goatherds from the right places.

Tessa also discusses the important decision on how her family decided to raise a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, as opposed to another type of goat. She talks about the different benefits of raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats, explaining how their milk produces a sweet and higher yield than an average dairy goat. The protein content is also higher in the milk of a Nigerian Dwarf Goat form other dairy goats.

Arguably, the most important point she touches on is how the Nigerian Dwarf Goat best suited her family; with children in tow, Tessa and her husband were attracted to the personalities of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, saying how they are incredibly social and friendly goats to raise around children.

The seasoned goat farmer explains how her family began their own farming business, and how they sell their products, particularly during the farmer’s market off-season. This inside information is extremely valuable to those who are looking to start up their own home-cheese productions, giving them a heads-upon where to look for the best customers for their products.

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