New Chicken Webcam Goes Live

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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A properly networked camera can come in handy when you need to monitor your livestock, but the main reason we put a webcam in our new chick observatory brood coop was for the fun of it. We thought it would be easy to network a camera for this application, but it turns out to be quite difficult. The first attempt involved a wireless unit, but we decided to run a long ethernet cable for a more pure signal with less packet loss. If you are reading this then you are hereby cordially invited to attend the exclusive, live viewing of our new born poultry on the Cute Chick Cam over at our Automatic Chicken Waterer site.

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Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess are having a great time getting ready for the Spring planting rush and like sharing the fun over at their homesteading blog which they call Making and selling their poop free automatic chicken waterers is one of their main passions and if you give them a chance they’ll talk your ear off about how awesome their new way of getting water to backyard chickens is compared to the old fashioned method.

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