Mother For The Long Haul – A Trip Remebered

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray

From when I picked up my first copy of Mother back in the early 70’s I have been an avid reader of this magazine.  So many of those contributors over the years have been instrumental in our being able to now live as we do.  Every other month I look forward to receiving my next issue of Mother.  The contributors still provide solid suggestions for having a happy and successful homestead.  

One thing I have noticed over the past 40 years is that Mother has stayed consistent with its back to the earth principles. Providing those of us interested in a more common sense approach to rural living and sustaining the environment along with those who follow us, by consistent topics and methods to achieve that goal mostly by contributors who have experience.  I have also noticed that the contributors are an exceptional bunch of really great people who are willing to share their experiences. 

From composting to bee keeping,  raising chickens, solar, or a host of other interesting topics Mother always seems to provide just the right article that even when  you don’t have a specific demand for a specific topic,  it is still interesting reading.  Over the years I have noted Mother seems to also be able to focus on those items that we should all be interested in, such as bee colony collapse,  food issues, white nose bat disease, the hazards of using Round Up and other herbicides and pesticides.  There are always topics that are of interest to many of us.  I personally like the letters to the editor and how to topics.  

In all these years I have noted there are always some who threaten to cancel their subscriptions because Mother is too political, not political enough or simply doesn’t agree with their political agenda.  I have not found Mother to be political and have noted the editorial staff seems to make every effort to stay clear of those area’s.  There are plenty of political magazines around, but Mother seems to stick to those topics that are of broad interest to their readers and from which they will benefit from. On the occasional occurrence where  there is cross over, they always seem to stay pretty neutral.   

Since I have been an avid reader of Mother from its inception I can look back and reflect on all the articles, suggestions and topics  I have read and absorbed over those many years.  They have all in retrospect served to make my present life more comfortable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.  So to those readers who want a more/less political magazine I suggest that you purchase a magazine that suits your political desires but read Mother for the value and contributions aimed at a better life.  If you remain faithful and consistent to the contributed topics I can assure you over the long haul that you will be blessed with exceedingly more benefit than you will of any of your political magazines. 

After  40 years I have greatly benefited from all those who took the time to share and describe what worked and didn’t work for them.  Have you ever thought to drop Mother a line or two telling them how much you appreciate their contributions to your life?  I’m sure they would appreciate compliments as opposed to those who threaten to cancel their memberships because they are to political or non political enough.  Just my musings from here on the side of our mountain while I await my next issue of Mother.  For more on Mountain Living visit

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