Master a Useful Skill: Welding

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Owning a home frequently entails learning some skills, such as changing a faucet washer, cleaning a drain trap, replacing a light switch or pouring a cement slab. One skill that has the potential to be very useful but requires a fairly rigid set of fundamental techniques is welding. You can learn welding on your own, but a better way might be to learn from a friend or take a course at a local vocational school.

Why would you want to learn to weld, you may ask. You can repair metal objects or build new ones by welding. And if you enjoy fixing things yourself, are on a limited budget or just want to branch out into a new hobby, then learning the basics of welding could be beneficial.

Auto repair may come to mind when you think of welding, but it has many more uses — fixing or building fences, mailboxes, trailers and garden tools. And for the those with a whimsical bent — you can create your own unique metal yard art.

Welding is best done on a metal surface, not on a wooden workbench. This welding bench is a great beginning welding project that will provide you with an appropriate surface for your other welding projects.

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