Making A Difference: Fixing The System

Reader Contribution by Jeff Chaney
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If you ponder the headlines of the day, all you see is corrupt politicians, greedy businesses, and thievery at every turn. Comments to these stories on the internet and everyday conversation invariably lead to the conclusion that the system is broken. I beg to differ. It is not the system that is broken, but the components that comprise the system.

It seems everyone has had enough of government NOT being of, by, and for the people. Two different sets of rules. I don’t disagree. Bank officers are walking away with billions, but few seem to go to prison. Cash rules everything. “Public servants,” and I use that term very loosely, are guilty of accepting bribes (campaign contributions, pac funds, kickbacks, party funds) and conducting “insider trading” on a daily basis.

False information abounds. The latest unemployment statistics indicate that 80,000 jobs were created in October 2011. This supposedly resulted in the decline of the unemployment rate by one tenth of a percent. The last I remember, these same authorities stated that the economy needed to create over 200,000 jobs per month for the unemployment rate to remain flat. I am sure that one plus one still equals two. The unemployment numbers do not add up, even using “new math”!

Current politicians and candidates are saying that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has no demands. Are you deaf, or just stupid? If you do not know and understand the reason for this discontent, you are the problem and a clear and present danger to yourself and society! The one thing in life I despise most is for someone to look me in the eye and tell me something I know, without doubt, is false!

The most common reason that I hear given for the state of things is “the system is broken”. How can anyone say that? The biggest reason that the government is not of, by, and for the people is the simple fact that only about ten percent of the population vote. In Iraq under Saddam Hussein, his religious sect minority comprised a larger percentage of the population than that, and we did not hesitate to refer to that government as a “brutal dictatorship!”

All my life I have been told that if you do not vote, you can not complain. I don’t disagree. On the other hand, who can one find that is “fit” to vote for? If one is examining the candidates that are running for a particular office, that is a very good question. But if I remember correctly, can one only vote for a candidate in the running, or does there exist such a thing as a “write-in” candidate? There it is! When participating in an election, there are always provisions for write-in candidates. Persons that are chosen for an office or position, as opposed to those “running for” the position, invariably do a better job.

As a result of this, if a write-in candidate were to garner ten percent of the population vote, they would win by a landslide! I personally know lots of Americans that are honest, hardworking, intelligent people that could greatly benefit this country.

There are scores of laws on the books that are unconstitutional, and need removed. A crime is a crime regardless of the perpetrator, and any law that reads otherwise is unconstitutional. Theft is theft, no matter the thief. Political parties need abolished. Any money given to a candidate or officeholder constitutes a bribe. A political hopeful does not need campaign funds for signs, commercials, or “advertising” of any type. Knock on doors, talk to people, attend a debate. The internet reaches a wider audience than any of these, and at a much lower cost. What an epiphany! Above all, talk and act like you’ve got some sense. If you can’t at least act like it, there can’t be that much there in the first place.

This country can be fixed, but the job will require scores of citizens that are honest, intelligent, and put the entire country’s best interest ahead of anything else. Millions of these people exist, and you know who some of them are. They are making less than $50,000 a year, working part-time, unemployed, or living under the poverty level. Such a wasted resource, when the country is in such dire need!

Here are a few novel ideas for true change, which will absolutely produce real change.

First, absolute term limit, one term only, any office or appointee, noexceptions! No incumbent. No entrenched evil.

Second, no candidate that has ever had an annual income of over $50,000 or net worth of over $100,000 will be allowed, no exceptions. Most poor folks know better than anyone how to budget funds!

Third, no political parties allowed, only candidates, no exceptions. Number four removes the need. Cronyism eliminated.

Fourth, no candidate, appointee, employee, or family member of any of these, may accept money or anything of monetary value from anyone, no exceptions. This eliminates the need for political parties and lobbyists. Campaigns will be funded personally by candidates. Along with number two, levels the playing field.

Fifth, all laws must be readable and understandable by a high school graduate, no exceptions. Self explanatory.

Sixth, all laws must be read and understood by all lawmakers voting on them, no exceptions. Self explanatory.

Seventh, no officeholder shall be paid more than the average wage of the constituents they represent, no exceptions. Combined with two and four above, maintains the level playing field.

Eighth, all adult citizens residing in the affected jurisdiction must cast a ballot, no exceptions. Representative democracy!

Ninth, no law shall result in an exception to the previous rules, no exceptions. This prevents anyone from passing laws to exclude themselves from rules or laws. This is the most important rule!

The equivalent of drug ad fine print: You are welcome! I received no funds or lobbying from any special interest, or anyone else. This document took about an hour to produce and the cost was $0. This will not produce a perfect democracy, but the result would be a million times better than what currently exists. Bear in mind that our founding documents stated that “all men are created equal”, but it took 194 years or so for that to become reality! No bad side effects are anticipated. No clinical trials have been conducted.

When the next election rolls around, go vote. Introduce a new candidate. Guess what? You can change the world! This is true change you can believe in! This, and your reusing and recycling any and everything, when possible.

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