Keeping Game Fresh in the Field

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Use cooking oil to keep insects away from game.

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I have heard of a few things to put on your fresh-kill meat
when in the field to protect it from flies and other bugs.
Some recommend, for example, that you pepper the meat
extensively. But I have just the thing to use so that not a
single bug will even land on your meat: saturate it with
Wesson Oil. Next time you’re out hunting, bring along a
gallon of Wesson and a rag. When you are dressing your game
out to hang or carry back to town, saturate the rag and dab
it all over the meat. You can even fill your chain saw with
nothing but Wesson Oil to quarter your meat. That way, you
won’t have to worry about cutting away the usual chain saw
oil later on.

Wesson Oil will make the outer layer of your
meat look a little dark, but if that bothers you, you can
always cut it away. So leave your pepper, salt or any other
remedies at home and instead take along some Wesson Oil.

Gail Peace
Palmer, Alaska