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Reader Contribution by Kimanna Cellura-Shields
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Many years ago a friend left this big old 1964 F600 Flatbed Ford truck up on our property after several years he asked us if we would just junk it. Well we did one better and to date between my husband Mike and I we have done a pretty good job of recycling that old truck piece by piece, there really isn’t a whole lot left.

One of my last articles was “Making the Perfect Gate” from Scrap.  We used the entire roof of that old Ford to make that gate, sure was a fun project and if you liked that you will love this! Well Kaptain Mike converted the entire cab of that old relic into a very cool bar that resides in the court yard of our restaurant the “Peace of Art Café” in Del Norte, Co. it’s complete with five bar stools and is the most popular table in the whole place! Everyone loves it but men and boys all want to have one! Here goes…..

Once upon a time there was a big old rusty 1964 Ford Truck it had long out lived it’s usefulness or so everyone thought.  Well Kaptain could see that there was still lots of life in the old girl and got to work. After lots of dismantling he took off the hood and after welding rods (pipes) in each of the four corners of the interior (down to the ground with cross bar bracing to help hold it together). Mike then welded the hood onto the top cross bar braces and it became the roof, this also was the added security the bar needed as it no longer had a dashboard, firewall or roof to hold it together. Being almost six foot tall he made sure that roof was high enough for him to comfortably stand beneath it (after all when you build a bar you know your going to be doing a little bartending too). The wood bar top was made out of 2”x12 planks. The boards were biscuit joined together and cut to fit perfectly over the fenders. The wood bar was sanded and sealed with a marine finish and was attached only after the truck had a little body work, then sanded, primed and lastly had a nice even coat of low luster matte black paint applied to both the interior and the exterior of the truck., giving it a bit of a hot rod appearance.

Add a few details like a wind surf board to the roof and a few hanging plants from the top cross bar and now your really styling! Let your imagination run away with you! Creating new art out of old objects in this case a truck is so rewarding and fun, not to mention it being the star attraction in our courtyard!

Oh there are still a few more fun projects that have come out of that old “64” ford So please stay tuned and leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.

KimAnna Cellura-Shields

Organic Peddler & Peace of Art Café

Del Norte, Colorado

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