Joshua’s Birth Story – Part 1

Reader Contribution by Antonette Vasseur
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Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, so I felt it was appropriate to share two beautiful birth stories this week that were sent to me from two extraordinary and strong women. This first story in two parts, is about a HBAMC (Home Birth after Multiple Csections) written by Brandy, who was given a very special gift on Mother’s Day just one year ago. 

When I found out I was pregnant I was very happy about the baby, but could not bear the thought of a 4th C-section. I knew I had to do things differently this time. I read all I could about a HBAMC (Home Birth after Multiple C-sections) and talked to as many women as I could that have had a successful HBAMC. I changed my whole diet, walked every day, and found a supportive midwife. I also started seeing a chiropractor at 26 weeks. The pregnancy was wonderful! I wasn’t leaving the OB’s office, crying from all the scare tactics. I got to my due date and was getting nervous that this was not going to happen for me.

All of my c-sections were because I was told I would never have a baby over 8lbs so I figured if I ate better and went into labor before my due date that I would be able to have my home birth. My midwife had already told me that my baby was a good size; so I just figured I would ride it out and see what happened. I knew if my midwife told me that I need a C-section, then I would need a C-section.

I stayed up late that night cleaning. It was mother’s day and I did not want to have to worry about cleaning the house, little did I know my baby had other plans for me! I finally crawled into bed at 1:30 and before I drifted off to sleep I thought, “Lord thank you for my baby coming today and us having a safe and peaceful home birth.”

 At 4:30 AM, I woke up with contractions. I tried to ignore them and go back to sleep.  I really was not sure if this was it. I shortly realized I was not going to sleep through the contractions, they were just too strong and to close together. My baby was going to be born on Mother’s Day! I told my husband and he started setting up the birthing pool. I called my midwife and I took my carrot cake out the freezer that I had made a few weeks before to have the day my baby was born. My midwife got there about 10:30 AM. She got all set up and checked me.  I was 5 to 6 cm.

 It was just so calm and peaceful being in my own home! I walked around, spent a lot of time in the birthing pool. I ate and drank whatever I wanted.  My midwife’s assistant made me the best egg salad sandwich ever. I talked to my sister on the phone and iced my carrot cake. I worked thru every contraction trying to stay relaxed. I would close my eyes and just remind myself to breathe.  I know from my past labors that I want to hold my breath with each contraction; so I had to concentrate hard on breathing.  I was determined to stay on my feet the whole time. If I wasn’t in the birthing pool getting in different positions, I was walking. It felt great to be able to move around and listen to my body! I was in charge and my baby and body knew what they were doing. I was not so sure at that time I could do it, though. I stood in my kitchen at one point and cried.  I asked my midwife that at any point she thought I could not do this please tell me.  I was so scared of going through hours of labor and just end back up on the operating table.

My midwife assured me things were going well. I got hugs and words of encouragement from both my midwife and her assistant.  I then pulled myself together and continued to trust my body the best way I knew how. The back labor was horrible; I got on hands and knees for a little while to try to deal with the back pain. My midwife offered to do sterile water injections in my back.  It stung like crazy when she did it, but it was amazing. My back labor was instantly gone.  I was back up walking, swinging my hips, and working with each contraction.

At about 8:30 PM, I walked out of the bathroom and said “I am done!” My midwife decided to check me at that point and rub primrose oil on my cervix. I was 9 cm ,but the baby was still up pretty high and was switching from side to side.  While my midwife rubbed primrose oil on my cervix she told me to bear down a little bit. As I pushed down I felt a little gush not even thinking of my water breaking I asked what that was and before she could get out of her mouth that my water was leaking my water broke everywhere. I got a little discouraged, then I asked if the baby was posterior.

My midwife responded with the answer I didn’t want to hear…”yes, your baby is posterior”.  

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Brandy is a stay-at-home and home-schooling mom. She has 5 children: Brandon, Daniel, Shayne, Harmony, and Joshua. She is currently working on opening an ICAN chapter in Hagerstown MD  
Brandy enjoys gardening, reading, baking, cooking, fishing hiking and camping.