Is Sledding Just For The Younger Generation?

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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When we get enough snow – which is often, our average snowfall per year is 264″ – we drag the sleds out to have a little fun.  We had searched for years for good safe sledding place but they all had problems associated with them. Then one day we looked at our driveway.  Why hadn’t we noticed before that it angles perfectly into the road, has a nice gradual slope, and has no hazards along the way?  The more we considered it as a sled run the more it appeared to be ideal.  We made a couple runs down the long driveway and sure enough it was perfect.   Our road gets few vehicles since they only plow to our house where they  stop.  It is not a through road and so people don’t use it much in the winter.  We have a good view of any stray vehicle coming down our road and could bail off the sled should one happen to come along.  It has nice high snow banks on each side to keep us from flying off and down the mountain.  What could be better. 

Getting enough snow is rarely a problem for us and if the snow removal equipment leaves a couple inches on snow on the road we are in business.  We put aside chores, get the bob sleds out and away we go.  The wind in your face, the bumping and bobbing of the sled is exhilarating and just plain fun.  It is a good distraction from all the woes of this world and pure enjoyment.  So when the temperatures get to the high 20’s, we put on a light jacket, and sledding we go.  Screaming down the driveway picking up speed as we go is not only fun but exciting.   If gravity is going to work on my body at this stage of life then why not use gravity to have some fun too.

Sometimes we are asked why in our senior years we do something that could potentially injure us.  When you get to our age you can injure yourself getting out of bed in the morning – so why not.  Life is full of risks and dangers but if you are careful you can maneuver around most of them.  Dress warm, be careful, find the right place to sled that is safe, borrow or buy a sled which you can steer and give it a try.  If you have the physical ability, a  nice safe place to sled, consider giving it a chance and tap into that child within you again. 

When I was younger everything was about having fun and now in later years I have to set time aside for fun.  Sledding in a safe area is fun and it takes your mind away from the pressures of the day and brings out that child in you again.  That is why we do it, and sure we could get injured in the process. We do more laughing and rolling in the snow than anything but it sure is fun.  It is fun for all ages and it gets you outside, into the fresh air, plenty of exercise by walking up to make another run down the hill. 

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