Intentional Communities

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

For millennia, groups of people have lived and worked together, recognizing that many hands make light work, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Around the globe, intentional communities are continuing this legacy and proving that peace, justice and equality can work.

The Fellowship for Intentional Communities, headquartered in Rutledge, Mo., promotes community living and cooperative lifestyles across North America. Community living (commonly known in the 1970s as communes) can take the form of cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks and intentional communities. The FIC Website, magazine (Communities) and newsletter offer resources, support and communication avenues for people currently living in intentional communities or those who are on the road to discovery of a unique but ancient lifestyle.

And for those on that road to discovery or just on the road, the FIC folks put out the Communities Directory: A Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living of the hundreds of intentional communities in the U.S. and around the world. In addition to its location, each group included in the directory is identified as to the kind of community it is – urban, rural, single sex, kids, no kids, leadership style and more. The Directory, which is updated every couple of years, also includes articles on   community finance, government and legal structures.

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