How to Arrange a Simple Burial

Learn how to arrange a simple burial, includes a Q & A about Funeral and Memorial Societies, DIY funerals, planning for death and dying at home.

| January/February 1978

You can learn how to arrange a simple burial using these thoughtful suggestions.

Simple Home Funerals

Do-It-Yourself Funerals

How To Arrange A Simple Burial

"The subject of death has long been taboo in our culture. This is unfortunate, for death is a normal and necessary part of life. Until we learn to face it honestly and accept it, we are not living at our best."

So says Ernest Morgan in his modest pamphlet, A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial which just happens to pack far more value into its, 64 pages than do many lengthy books on the subject. Not only does Mr. Morgan's manual cover the philosophical aspects of passing on . . . it offers sound alternatives to the expensive, often grotesque funeral customs to which we North Americans so doggedly adhere.

Our tributes to departed loved ones can be both beautiful and appropriate, yet such ceremonies need not cost the bereft family thousands of dollars. We've selected the following portions from the Morgan manual (which is now in its eighth edition) in order to demonstrate just that fact.

From A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial by Ernest Morgan, copyright© 1977 by The Celo Press, Rt. 5, Burnsville, N.C. 28714 and reprinted with the author's permission. Available for $2.00 from The Celo Press or from MOTHER's Bookshelf.

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