Homesteading Book Deal Gets More Real

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Photo by Pixabay/Eveline de Bruin

Anna’s new Homesteading book deal got a little more exciting this week when the publisher sent us a preview of what the cover will look like. She’s a bit conflicted about not having any mud on the boots, but has decided to trust that the publisher knows what they’re doing. Most of our regular readers had some positive comments to share.

We’ve got some details and pictures of what it was like to make our first cleft graft. A little advanced for some, but Anna breaks down the process in a way that makes it easy to follow.

Our chicks moved outside to the new baby coop we built recently. They were a bit spooked at first, which prompted me to speculate on the possibility of fabricating some sort of robotic mother hen that might help to calm new born chicks when they get excited.

Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess are modern day homesteaders…have been for going on 6 years now. They post everyday on a blog they call If you have chickens then they would appreciate it if you would consider upgrading to their new style of automatic poultry waterer they make and sell that is seriously a million miles better than what you can buy at the feed store.

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