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Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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Living in the high mountains we don’t get to socialize with people very often, so that is something you need to prepare for if you plan to live as we do.  We solve our isolation by at least once a year going camping where we are put into close proximity with other people.  That way we can reassure ourselves that we are fit to mingle with others from the same species, and it also gives our dogs a change of scenery as well. 

Medically, emotionally and intellectually it at least tells us once a year we still can fit into society.  We always go to the same campground on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colo., about three hours from our home.  We have immediate camping neighbors from Iowa and Texas on each side of us who seem to reassure us that we still can fit into society. 

With our summer chores done, now is the time we choose to camp.  Little did we know when we made reservations with our host and campground owner Jeff that the US Pro Cycling Challenge would pass right by our doorstep.  We witnessed the preparation, the many police officers and vehicles that closed off a major highway for this race that has drawn cyclist from all over the world.  We saw the winner of the Tour de France go past and other professionals riding bicycles that looked to be very expensive.  I didn’t see one rider go by with a bike like my mountain bike – a Huffy. 

Actually it was far more exciting than I would have thought.   Starting with the vehicle that came through announcing the riders coming along behind – the riders all so close to each other and focused on avoiding contact with each other and going full out.  We heard that they will cover 131 miles today and have already come over one high mountain pass and still have another to go over.  It came more into focus for me when think of how I huff and puff coming up the hill from the Arkansas River with my little back pack of prospecting gear.  These guys pedal over mountain passes and then keep going for another 40 to 50 miles.  They are well conditioned athletes who can pedal all day and then again tomorrow and the day after that.  Worth witnessing this event. 

This major cycling tour is terrific for Colorado and exciting for me to witness.    

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