What's Your Favorite Farm or Homestead Name?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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As humans, we take pride in giving names to objects, places, animals
and even other people. We search for the right word or phrase to convey a
deeper meaning, to express ourselves or a part of what we are naming in its chosen
title. Giving a name to the place we call home is perhaps one of the most
important naming ceremonies we undertake. Many farms and homesteads have names
that reflect the creative, whimsical, or even the practical geographic nature
of the places in which they exist, and the people who inhabit them. From a sheep
farm named Ewesful Acres, to a small Texas
homestead called Empty Pockets, to an organic vegetable farm known as Moon on
the Meadow, farm names can be funny, silly or deeply touching.

Do you own a farm with a unique name, or have a name for the
homestead of your dreams? Do you buy your vegetables or eggs from a farm with a
name that caught your ear? Tell us your favorite homestead names — with a story
if you know it — in the comments section below.