Homemade Bread and a Woodstove

Reader Contribution by Michael Johnathon
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“Every lost ship can find a way back home.
A man travels the world in search of his dream
only to return home to find it.”

I know of nothing in life more wonderful than the gentle aroma of a home with bread baking in the kitchen. A morning fireplace, a hot cup of coffee and artisan bread filling the air with the scent of winter. It makes a home permanently embedded in your memory as the most wonderful, loving place to be.

Homemade bread comes out better when baked in an old-fashioned kitchen wood stove. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the way the wood flame distribute heat, or the scent of oakwood as it permeates the bread crust, but it is absolutely different. And delightful. And there is something is incessantly rewarding about firing up a wood stove and cooking a meal for your family.

I have a log cabin that sits on a hill on 7 acres in Kentucky. I do not have an old-fashioned wood stove in my kitchen. But I will. Someday. And then I will gain 30 pounds from all the homemade bread I make.

Michael Johnathonis a folk singer, songwriter, and homesteader based in Kentucky. He is the founder, producer and host ofWoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, a radio and television program featuring Americana, folk and other American roots music. In 2007, he wrote the play Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau, which has been performed in more than 7,400 colleges, community theaters and schools in nine countries. Connect with Michael on his websiteand read all of his MOTHER EARTH NEWS postshere.

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