Home Insurance Claim Advice

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Make sure you have proof when filing a home insurance claim.

If you’ve ever had to file a home insurance claim for loss of valuables because of theft or fire, here’s my claim advice. First, you should know that most insurance companies require some sort of proof. Lists and sales receipts are helpful, and photographs are good. Even better, and much more efficient, is a video camera. If you don’t own or can’t borrow one, a rental unit is fairly inexpensive. It’s best to have two people: one to operate the camera, and another — you, the homeowner — to walk through the house, staying in full view, identifying each item. This will also help if you have to report stolen property to the police, though it’s important to record serial numbers of electronic equipment. Don’t forget to store the tape in a safe-deposit box or other equally safe place.

Joe D. Perdue
Nellysford, Virginia