Help for Aggressive Roosters

| 4/9/2010 11:45:44 AM

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fighting roosters

People often ask me how to handle difficult roosters. They tell me, “I went out to the chicken yard to collect eggs, and the rooster attacked me. Of course, I had to show him who’s boss, so we had a fight and I won!”
And I assure them, “Sure, I can show you how to fix this, and it’s worth it. Imagine how much more pleasant your life will be when you never have to worry about a rooster again. But first, I want more detail. So you’re out in the chicken yard, and there he is. He acts in a threatening manner. You act in a threatening manner back. He acts even more threatening, and before you know it, the two of you are fighting, right?”


Then I ask, “But did I just describe what happened from the rooster’s point of view, or from yours?”

Maybe you’ve heard that a stage hypnotist can make you think you’re a chicken. That’s nothing! Even a chicken can make you think you’re a chicken! In these barnyard fight scenes, the rooster is in charge from start to finish. First, he decides what’s going to happen: a fight, right here, right now. Then he gets you to join the fight. How does this happen? And how do you make it stop?

But let’s not give too much credit to the rooster. The issue isn’t that the rooster is powerful, but that the human automatically accepts whatever role is thrust on him, and that means that even a chicken can redefine who you are! … at least for a minute or two.

5/8/2018 12:19:30 PM

i have raised my rhode island reds (3 hens & 1 Rooster). i just hatched out 4 of their eggs and transitioned them into a smaller coop inside the big coop for the older ones to get use to them. since they are outside my rooster who was little aggressive has taken it to level 10 toward adults and other pets. any suggestions

5/8/2018 12:19:29 PM

i have raised 3 Rhode island red he's and one rooster. he is aggressive but manageable. i just hatched out 4 of their babies and transitioned them outside into there own space within the large area the big chickens roam. since the babies have been outside my rooster has become more aggressive to humans, dogs, and cat. is there an explination

12/22/2017 5:59:16 PM

how do you stop a roosters bleeding comb? I read with baking soda, but do i put it in in powder form or a paste? please help

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