Hatch Your Own Chicks!

| 11/19/2012 4:05:28 PM

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Photo by Pascale Deffieux Pearce 1Incubating a small number of eggs has never been easier or more affordable.

Nobody can resist fluffy baby chicks, so what would be better than hatching your own? Imagine looking into an incubating egg and watching the embryo develop from the first sighting of blood veins and pulsating heart to the excitement of an emerging chick all wet and exhausted. And this miracle takes only 21 days!

You like the idea but have concerns about the cost and difficulty factor. Well, let us put your mind at rest and make your first time incubating an enjoyable experience you will want to repeat.

Choose a good incubator 

Incubators have come a long way, and now you can purchase a good quality small incubator to hatch 7 to 10 eggs for $70 to $130.

An accurate temperature control is key to a successful hatch, so look for an incubator with reliable electronic temperature control. Prefer incubators made of impervious materials and with simple turning mechanisms which can be cleaned easily and will not be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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