Maintain a Gravel Driveway with a 4-In-1 Bucket

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Maintain a Gravel Driveway with a 4-in-1 Bucket

September 2019 – Sponsored by John Deere

If you need to maintain a gravel drive, using a 4-In-1 bucket is a great way to do it.

Gravel driveways need maintenance. It’s simply a fact of life. But if you maintain your gravel drive properly and as needed, it will serve you well, season after season.
There are several ways to approach normal gravel driveway maintenance. But we recently came across a situation that was a little unique, which made it perfect for a real multitool known as a 4-in-1 bucket.

This project involved repairing a gravel drive that ran along the shady side of the property owner’s home where grandkids love to play in the summertime. When the patio was put in, the driveway was flush with the surface of the patio. But over time, the gravel had spread out and worn away, and the step up from the drive to the patio had led to a few skinned knees and teary eyes. So the challenge was to restore that level so the grandkids stop tripping over it, and then smooth everything out for a nice even finish. 

This was a perfect match for a John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor, a Frontier 4-in-1 Bucket, and a Frontier LP1048L Land Plane

First, we had a load of gravel delivered and positioned just off the driveway so we’d have easy access to it with our tractor and 4-in-1 bucket, but it wouldn’t be in the way while we worked on and around the driveway. 

We started by using the 4-in-1 bucket to scoop gravel and then began spreading it where the edge of the patio and the gravel driveway meet. With this multitool bucket, you can use it to scoop and dump gravel, just like a regular bucket. Or, after scooping the gravel, you can use the hinged grapple feature to open the bucket and spread it smoothly right where you need it. That’s the feature we used to spread gravel along the edge of the patio, building up a nice, even layer until it was fully level with the patio surface.

After the gravel was in place, we opened the bucket again and used it as a grading tool to gently slope the gravel from the patio down to the driveway surface. This method helped create a good, firm surface so the gravel would stay in place.

Once we were satisfied with that stage, we drew more material from our gravel pile and spotted it all the way out to the end of the drive. Then we used the land plane, also known as a driveway leveler. We spread and smoothed that gravel along the drive until any ruts had been filled and we had a nice, firm, smooth surface from the road all the way to the garage – a distance of about 75 yards. 

In less than an hour, we brought the driveway surface up level with the porch, spread gravel all along the length of the drive, and created a smooth, level surface that will serve the land owner’s family well for a good, long time.

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