Goats: Why Having a Buck is a Great Idea!

| 8/5/2012 5:38:29 PM

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  A phrase we hear quite often is: “oh, I don’t want to keep a buck, I’ll use Rockysomeone else’s”. Our answer is “why not?” 

I have so many reasons to keep a buck, it was worth writing this post just about our answers to “why not?”  

First of all, bucks, if treated right and raised correctly are even friendlier than the does are! Our bottle raised buckling’s are silly friendly, gentle, and are the first ones at the fence for attention when anyone drives in the yard, the UPS delivery guy, the meter reader, or any person who will take a second and say “hi” to them. 

 HerculesOne statement I made above is if they are raised correctly, and this is a really important bit of information! A buck alone (housed without a companion) can often time be a nasty buck. The only one they can interact with is you, when you enter their pen to feed them. If you have ever watched bucks play together they head butt (horned or no horns, doesn’t matter), they jump up on their hind legs in what looks like threatening positions, it’s all play, but when they do it to a human, it can be very intimidating   

A buck should never be the solitary occupant of a pen, he should always have a pen mate! Either another buck, or a neutered male works just great, but again, never, ever alone! Alexandfriend 

Another reason for keeping a buck is disease. What? Well, if you are planning to bring your does to another farm for breeding, there are several things to think about. Any virus, worm, sickness, bacteria, and etc. that might be at that farm, will now come and visit you at your farm. There may not be one single sign of any problems at your chosen breeder farm, the goats that live there could have built up a good immunity, but when it comes to your farm, it could “go viral”. And the same thing goes for renting batmanor leasing a buck.  

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