Starting a Rotational-Grazing Goat-Rental Service, Part 2: When Things Go 'Baahd'

| 8/3/2016 9:52:00 AM

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We started getting calls! The problem? The calls were from out-of-state. We added in mileage and the "goat rate." Some people were willing to pay this, but I wanted to contact our State Agriculture Department to see what permits we had to acquire before taking the goats out of state.

Goats waiting

When Things Start to Go 'Baah’d'!

Why is it nothing to do with farming is ever simple? Well, the State Vet told me we would have to have a health certificate on all the goats going out. I was thinking maybe a herd certificate but not all.

And, we would have to have a vet in whatever state we had them in create a health certificate before bringing them back into the state (we are located in North Carolina). I don't know if all states have this requirement, but I would suggest checking into it before taking animals out of state.

We tried to focus on local work for the goats. Many of the calls we got were from people who had the mindset that a lot of people do: Well, if they're "brush goats" why can't you just stake them? NO, NO, NO — and did I say NO?

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