Goat Fencing 101

| 6/2/2014 4:09:00 PM

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Do you know where your Goat is NOW?

Fence Line and Brace

Finally, Part Two of Goat Keeping 101. Life on the farm, of course, is never dull. But we are at the end of kidding season and now are just waiting on two more does to give birth. At this point I am convinced that both of them are faking their pregnancy and just want to remain in the luxurious birthing pen.

The Basics of Fencing for Goats

Along with good quality hay and feed, I consider fencing one of the most important factors to consider on your farm, to keep your goats healthy, to keep them safe and keep them where they belong. Fencing is also one of the most costly up-front investments you have to make for your livestock (not just goats), and it is not wise to scrimp a few dollars. Cheap fence will fail after a couple of years; expensive fence will last you at least 10 years if not many more. Over 10 years you will have had to repair or replace a cheap fence at least twice. A cheap fence will fail and will cost you livestock which may prove to be more expensive in the long run when you have to replace animals. I am not even talking about the sadness when you lose an animal where it could have been prevented.

Goats will climb on a fence, goats will try to stick their head through a fence, goats will rub along a fence, and goats will try to run through a fence. A fence is the one barrier between your goats getting into trouble or a predator getting in. A fence will prevent your goats from escaping and eating that one poisonous plant on your property which you thought they’d never reach.

The expenses don’t end with the fence. Along with a good quality fence, you need to buy a good quality, sturdy gate. Also buy strong good quality fence posts, bracing wire, fence staples, and definitely a fence stretcher.

Great Gate Latch

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Can you send me part I? I just joined and would love to read it.

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